Arrival in Europe (Cascais, Portugal)

We arrived well in Cascais (Portugal) on Mon 24 July. A few hours before arriving, we crossed paths with a 1000ft cargo vessel, who kindly adjusted their course, as we crossed the restricted shipping lanes a few tens of miles off the coast of Cascais and Lisboa. With increasing winds, as we approached land, we had to reef all sails and pay close attention as the winds exceeded 40 knots. Check the footage by Dmitry here…

Leaving Newport, R.I.

All details are in place and we are finally ready to head out at sea and cross the Atlantic! We are all eager to get going and the forecast is pretty good, if anything we could have hoped for more wind 😀

Will try to keep you updated on the way… in the meantime enjoy the video

Almost ready to depart…

… across the Atlantic Ocean! It has been a busy week; the crew has arrived, works ongoing onboard by JBY, shopping the necessities, mounting gear and sails including a sail trial! We hope to set off Wed July 5 in the evening. Follow us here:

or on AIS (

Complete crew below (from left); Jack, Jay, Andreas, Dmitry, Pieter