Leaving Cascais and bound for Malaga region in Spain

With the news that the autopilot motor could not be repaired, we headed south on August 1 in the afternoon, with a reduced crew consisting of Camille, Rossana and Andreas. Hand steering continuously is a demanding task when it goes on for hours and hours! Arriving close to midnight our first over night stop was Sines. Next morning we left promptly bound for Sagres, on a windy cape on the southern coast of Portugal. With 25-30 kts of wind from the north the tiny port is quite exposed, but we were able to get a good holding on anchor and slept well through the night. Next morning, the marathon continued to Faro and Olhaô. The winds dropped quickly as soon as we came 5-10 miles off the coast. Motoring our way we arrived in the early evening and anchored north of Culatra island and took the dinghy to have dinner and collect grandpa Johan Fr. who came from Bergen to help us complete the rest of the journey to the Med. Next morning we left 0930 heading for Gibraltar/La Linea with final destination being the relaxed beach of La Herradura. Timing was good with the shifting currents in through the strait of Gibraltar and we had a good current with us for several hours (maxing at 2.5 knots). In La Linea we stopped to refuel and continued immediately as they charge full day harbour fees to stay only a few hours. In the evening of August 5 we arrived to Herradura and dropped anchor on the sandy shoals of the beach. A very good feeling indeed! The following day was entirely set for relaxation and enjoyment of the pleasant water!

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