Spares and repairs

Mallorca is one of the most densely populated sailing areas in the Mediterranean, not to mention a popular tourist destination for families and teenagers! It is also claimed to be one of the best places to have boat repairs done and to get spares. So while Rossana was away I rented a car and started chasing down spares and making orders for items that were needed onboard. Over the course of 8-9 days I visited half a dozen shops, mostly in Palma. Common items can be found in most shops, but items such as a 24v solar panel regulator for instance needed to be ordered. Most shops sell from the same suppliers, so prices are more or less the same and you get used to hearing “we can order it for you”. I was not very impressed.

On a positive note, we did get the washing machine we had planned to buy ordered and swiftly delivered within a few days. It took a few extra runs to the shop for connectors to get it installed, but now we have a small but very nice washing machine installed onboard!

Joshua also arrived on Aug 26 for a weeks visit. Although it turned out to be a few extra days of work we did appreciate his skilful help. We left Santa Ponca (our chosen anchorage bay not too far from Palma) and headed south motor sailing. Anchoring in Cala Pi (very nice) and Cala d´Or. A great week with several of the todo´s checked and enjoying the weather and breeze in good company.


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