Heading towards Menorca

After spending close to two weeks on Mallorca, we headed east for Menorca – stopping only in a small “Cala” (bay) overnight at the North-East tip of Mallorca. The water was impressively clear and there was no problem to see details on the sand bottom 10m below and the full extent of the anchor and chain. On the way there we had just passed the infamous S/Y A, a russian-owned mega yacht inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.

Crossing to Menorca is a short (3-4 hrs, 25nm) journey from the Mallorca NE tip and we arrived early to the Cala Galdana in the SW coast of Menorca. We anchored in the relatively well protected bay outside an extensive reserved beach area with an accompanying resort. More boats arrived during the afternoon and when we arrived back to Libertad after a few hours ashore we discovered several more boats had arrived, several of which were anchored much to close to us or other boats.

Menorca is clearly a popular island for chartering sailboats and it was inexperienced sailors who had anchored so close to us. One of them was in the process of laying down anchor between and below our boat, so I explained it was much too close and suggested they better anchor on the opposite side with a clearance of at least 3 boat lengths. The skipper appreciated the advice and redeployed their anchor at a safe distance. However, they found the swell too unpleasant and with another accompanying chartered boat proceeded to move their anchors closer and dive for inspection during the rest of the evening.

It was quite an entertaining evening, but also a necessary monitoring of the neighbouring boats that were much too close to us. On our opposite side the closest boat to us crashed into a neighbouring boat as they both turned with the wind. We decided to move, out of harms way, being surrounded by a number of incompetent boaters. We had a peaceful sleep.


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