Waiting it out in Menorca

Like Mallorca, Menorca is full of tiny bays (calas), more or less suitable for anchoring. Most of them are exposed to wind and sea from certain directions and you better pick the right one according to the forecasted winds or you will have an unpleasant night – or worse, a surprise wake up call. The benefit is waking up to a beautiful bay with sunlight and impressively transparent waters.

We soon headed to Mahon to arrange for some shipments of spare parts. Mahon, or Maô, is the main town of Menorca and one of the largest natural harbours in the world. The town was surprisingly pleasant and situated some 50-60m above sea level. To our luck we arrived just a head of a major ´fiesta´ and we had ample amounts of the local ´pomada´.

As we were getting ready to cross to Sardinia (a 30 hour sailing trip), the forecast announced strong winds in the following days (the mistral). We decided to wait it out, arranging to have the packages sent to the marina. We anchored in an bay close to the entrance of the Mahon bay. For 1-1,5 days we had 25-35kts winds, two anchors out and experience heavy rain and hail. We visited ´La Mola´, an old military fortress which now is a museum. It covers more than a square kilometer and consists of an impressive collection of buildings and fortified dungens.

We returned to Mahon marina to collect the packages after the worst of the storm had passed, although our spare for the dripping kitchen tap did no arrive in time. We could wait no longer. In the morning of our departure we woke up to a depressive suprise, vandals had broken of our 2,3m teak flag pole and stolen the pole and Norwegian flag on it. We were in for a three hour race to the airport to report the incident and convince the local police to investigate the video surveillance from the numerous cameras in the marina. With that back drop, we departed Mahon in the afternoon on Sep 13 and had a spectacular sail to Sardinia with some of the most impressive views of the night sky either of us can remember – seeing literally thousands of stars and the Andromeda galaxy (naked eye and with binoculars). We arrived to north Sardinia the next day in the evening.


2 thoughts on “Waiting it out in Menorca

  1. It looks like you guys are doing well & having fun. After Sardinia, you should consider sailing over to the Aeolian Islands of Salina, etc. I was there for a wedding just before the crossing. It is fabulous. I’m wondering if you guys are still going to the Caribbean since the devastating storms.


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