The glamours Riviera

We started early in the morning from the Anse de Chiuni headed for Nice. The forecast was good with 20-25 kts from NE making for a close reach on a starboard tack. The forecast was spot on and we made 8-9 kts during the peak at midday.

The day was relatively dull and uneventful, apart from an encounter with a French coast guard helicopter that circled us at no more then 20-30 meters distance. The pilot finally waived goodbye and within minutes they were no longer visible.

We had called the day before to Nice marina to book a berth and expected to have a confirmation before loosing the mobile connection upon leaving Corsica. Not so. As we reached the coast of France we got word that Nice was fully booked – and so began a calling spree to every marina between Monaco and Théoule-sur-Mer. We found space in Mandelieu-de-Napoule and stayed three nights. We learned September is not quite so uneventful as we had expected.

Monaco super yacht show, Cannes royal regatta for wooden sailboats and much more. Luckily it is a short train ride to Cannes from Mandelieu and that is were we spent the following day, exploring the streets, alleys, harbour, beach and the glamours Rue du Suquet connecting the harbour with the old town.

On day 2 we had an invitation to the Monaco super yacht show to view the first Swan 95. After the early morning train ride to Monaco we found ourselves among humming super cars and a stream of people headed for the harbour and the super yacht show. We made a stroll around the super sailboats circuit, before heading over to Nautor Swans stand and the new 95 foot (which actually seemed to be among the smaller boats on display). We had a pretty detailed tour of the boat with the Swan representative and the details of all the customisations. A real beauty!

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