Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

We drifted silently out the marina of Mandelieu-de-Napoule at midday, leaving Cannes and the Riviera behind us. Making our way down the Côte-de-Azur coast to Saint Tropez we noticed all the boats heading for the same destination and it turned out we had serendiptously arrived at the start of “Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez”. We anchored west of the town along with dusins and later hundreds of boats.

Normally a destination for the rich and famous, this little fishing village contains stark contrasts of modernised houses with plenty of picturesque scenes and deteriorating sheds with the odour to go with it. In the harbour we gleaned at the Wallys, Swans and refurbished wooden yachts as they moored along the key, while enjoying an ice cream from Barbarec.

While strolling the streets window shopping we also looked for a doctor with specialisation in back pains (osteopathic doctor). Rossana had been several days with intense back pains, partially paralysing her leg. We found a very kind doctor who accepted us after closing hours on Friday evening. He confirmed she had a severely inflamed spine joint and required medicinal treatment to relieve the situation. After a day she was already quite a bit better.

One evening we enjoyed live music in a back alley with a bottle of champagne, purchased in a street shop, La Cave du Golf, late one night, and served with two plastic glasses.

One night heading back to the boat in the dinghy among, by now hundreds of yachts lit up by their various lights, this enormous anchoring post, looked like a floating city on the sea, plus a sky full of stars – it all made St. Tropez a destination full of beautiful details.

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