Final preparations in Canarias

On Jan 2 the final members of the crew arrived to Benalmadena and SY LIBERTAD. We have continuously had plenty of tasks and jobs to perform onboard, while waiting to have the GPS repaired by a technician. A little delayed we left Benalmadena in the evening and arrived to Gibraltar the next morning to refuel. Motoring against the wind and current out the strait we decided to wait for better weather in Tarifa. Unfortunately, it is not an ideal place for yachts as there is no marina and we had to moor against a concrete wall in the harbour entrance. After the evenings festivitas (dia de los Reyes) we were allowed to moor along a more accessible part of the harbour and we could explore the town.

Next evening the forecast seemed better and we headed out anticipating a few hours of head winds. Within an hour we were facing thunderstorms and heavy rainfall and quite stronger winds than the forecast had predicted. By midnight the crew were all sea sick and vomiting. It was a long and tiring night. We also discovered that we had lost our dinghy.

Next day was still with 2-4m waves during the day and coming night, and still occasional swells with increases in wind and with showers. On day 3 conditions were getting better and so too the crew and spirit. We had good sailing conditions on day 4 and made good way as we passed the northern tip of Lanzarote. Next morning we arrived to Las Palmas for a scheduled reprogramming of the VHF (which was not possible), new baby stay and a number of other repair projects. We also had time to explore Las Palmas downtown and visited the Mercado del Puerto two times.

On Sun Jan 14 we sailed across to Tenerife to pick up a new chart plotter as the old helms position plotter had died during the Tarifa-Las Palmas leg. It is not easy to get products like this delivered within the span of a few days, but we picked up the new device today (Mon).

Preparing for a crossing in which we expect to be isolated on the boat for 14-16 days is not a small task. Especially with seven people onboard. The majority of the crew has been busy the last few days organising the food and meals, calculating needed quantities of ingredients and starting to shop ingredients. Tonight we inaugurated the bread baking machine, which we hope to enjoy freshly baked breads from during the months to come!

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