Nearing half point of Atlantic crossing

On Saturday 20th we left Santa Cruz de La Palma and headed south west after rounding the southern tip of La Palma (Fuencaliente) in accelarating winds reaching 35-40 knots. The next few days we had winds around 20 knots from NE.

The shortest path from Canarias (La Palma) across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean is about 2550nm from La Palma, but it is not always possible or very comfortable to stay on this course, so one must adapt to the wind conditions.

It takes a few days to find a daily rhythm onboard. Each day is filled with watch keeping, quite often repairs, cleaning and cooking. Food is a major inspiration and mood booster and so far it has been fantastic!

Tom and Lars are enthusiastic fishers and after a few days caught the first of several Mahi Mahi on a line. Several baits have also gone missing thanks to larger creatures that snapped the line off!

Trade wind sailing is either downwind, with a substantial amount of rolling, or tacking downwind keeping the wind on the aft beam. Either way with a few meters of waves means that rolling is unavoidable. It can be quite frustrating to continuously holding on to railings or guards inside when moving about, not to mention with a bowl of cereal in one hand. It is like being inside a washing machine at times.

Ocean crossing such as this takes a hard toll on deck equipment. The first week has been dominated by multiple repairs to both sails, the mast track and a number of other smaller. Fortunately, our spares store is well equipped and we have managed to replace or fix all the issues that have occurred.

Temperatures are slowly rising and it is no longer possible to sleep with a duvet. During the days we wear shorts.

Tomorrow we will pass the half way mark and we hope to arrive to Guadalupe on Feb 4.

Continued fair winds!

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